Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)
Class DocumentListRevisionFeedLink

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by
              extended by<RevisionFeed>
                  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Extension, ILink, Reference

public class DocumentListRevisionFeedLink
extends FeedLink<RevisionFeed>

Represents a FeedLink referring to a RevisionFeed.

Nested Class Summary
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ExtensionPoint.CumulativeBlobHandler, ExtensionPoint.ExtensionHandler
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ILink.Rel, ILink.Type
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countHint, feed, feedClass, readOnly
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content, etag, href, hrefLang, length, rel, title, titleLang, type
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localName, namespace
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void declareExtensions(ExtensionProfile extProfile)
          Declares the set of expected Extension types for an ExtensionPoint within the target extension profile.
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generate, getCountHint, getDefaultDescription, getFeed, getFeedClass, getHandler, getReadOnly, getType, setCountHint, setFeed, setReadOnly, visitChildren
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generateAtom, generateRss, getContent, getEtag, getHref, getHrefLang, getLength, getRel, getTitle, getTitleLang, matches, setContent, setEtag, setHref, setHrefLang, setLength, setRel, setTitle, setTitleLang, setType
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addExtension, addExtension, addRepeatingExtension, addRepeatingExtension, checkRequiredExtensions, createExtensionInstance, generate, generateCumulativeXmlBlob, generateExtensions, generateStartElement, getExtension, getExtensionDescription, getExtensionHandler, getExtensions, getManifest, getRepeatingExtension, getRepeatingExtensions, getXmlBlob, hasExtension, hasRepeatingExtension, initializeArbitraryXml, parseCumulativeXmlBlob, removeExtension, removeExtension, removeRepeatingExtension, setExtension, setXmlBlob, visit, visitChild
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consumeAttributes, disableStrictValidation, enableStrictValidation, eq, generateAttributes, getExtensionLocalName, getExtensionNamespace, isImmutable, isStrictValidation, putAttributes, sameClassAs, setImmutable, throwExceptionForMissingAttribute, throwExceptionIfImmutable, validate
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Constructor Detail


public DocumentListRevisionFeedLink()
Method Detail


public void declareExtensions(ExtensionProfile extProfile)
Description copied from class: ExtensionPoint
Declares the set of expected Extension types for an ExtensionPoint within the target extension profile. The base implementation does not declare any extensions, but can be overridden by specific types of ExtensionPoints that always contain a well-defined set of extensions.

declareExtensions in class ExtensionPoint
extProfile - the ExtensionProfile to initialize.