Revisions: check

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Checks whether the games client is out of date. Try it now.


HTTP request



Parameter name Value Description
Required query parameters
clientRevision string The revision of the client SDK used by your application. Format:
  • "ANDROID" - Client is running the Android SDK.
  • "IOS" - Client is running the iOS SDK.
  • "WEB_APP" - Client is running as a Web App.


This request requires authorization with the following scope:


For more information, see the authentication and authorization page.

Request body

Do not supply a request body with this method.


If successful, this method returns a response body with the following structure:

  "kind": "games#revisionCheckResponse",
  "revisionStatus": string,
  "apiVersion": string
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string Uniquely identifies the type of this resource. Value is always the fixed string games#revisionCheckResponse.
revisionStatus string The result of the revision check.
Possible values are:
  • "OK" - The revision being used is current.
  • "DEPRECATED" - There is currently a newer version available, but the revision being used still works.
  • "INVALID" - The revision being used is not supported in any released version.

Acceptable values are:
  • "OK"
apiVersion string The version of the API this client revision should use when calling API methods.

Try it!

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