GPGLeaderboardsController Class Reference

GPGLeaderboardsController Class Reference


A view controller that displays the list of leaderboards that you provisioned via the Developer Console.

This controller must be displayed modally from another view controller. Once displayed, this controller will show a table view that contains all of the leaderboard.

The user may select a leaderboard which will spawn a GPGLeaderboardController to show the actual scores for that leaderboard. This controller is used to select which leaderboard you want to show scores for.

The user may dismiss the controller by tapping a "Done" button. When this occurs the leaderboardsViewControllerDidFinish: method will be called on the leaderboardsDelegate. Within this method you should dismiss the modal view controller.

Example presentation of a GPGLeaderboardController:

GPGLeaderboardsController* lc = [[[GPGLeaderboardsController alloc] init] autorelease];
lc.leaderboardsDelegate = self;
[self.rootController presentModalViewController:lc animated:YES];

Example implementation of GPGLeaderboardsControllerDelegate:

- (void)leaderboardsViewControllerDidFinish:(GPGLeaderboardsController *)viewController {
  [self.rootController dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES];


< GPGLeaderboardsControllerDelegate
 The delegate through which the user will dismiss the controller.

Property Documentation

The delegate through which the user will dismiss the controller.

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