Mobile Games

Build cutting edge games for mobile

Build your games using tools that make it scalable, easy to deploy, and able to run on multiple devices.

Distribute & Monetize

Extend your revenue potential and make it easy for users to discover and access your game while on-the-go.

Build native games

Build games that leverage the unique power of Android. See the Android Developers site for more info.

Power your game in the cloud

Focus on building great games without worrying about infrastructure. Build with App Engine.

Bring your game to the hottest devices

Get your game in the hands of millions of users through Google Play.

Help promote your game on mobile

Encourage players to recommend your game with the native +1 button, allow users to share content from your game, and build in personalization. Learn more about the Google+ platform for mobile.

Monetize your mobile app with AdMob

AdMob can help you instantly monetize your app traffic with relevant ads from thousands of advertisers. A leading mobile display ad network, AdMob serves billions of mobile banner, text and rich media ads per month across a wide range of mobile games. Join the thousands of mobile game developers who use AdMob to build successful mobile app businesses.

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