Google Gadgets and Themes API Terms of Service

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By using this API, you consent to be bound by these terms in addition to the Google APIs Terms of Service ("API ToS") at
  1. Definitions

    In this agreement, a "Gadget" is an API Client and may have various forms, including "Themes" and "Gadget Ads."

  2. Requirements

    1. You may not sell, transfer or charge users a separate fee for the use of your Gadget without Google's written permission.
    2. Themes may not be distributed on third party pages.
    3. Your Gadget and related Content may not violate any posted Program Policies (e.g. Google Gadgets at and Themes at
    4. For Gadgets created through the Gadget Ads programs, distribution is governed by the relevant Google AdSense terms.
    5. If you distribute your Gadget to third party pages, you agree to the Syndicated Google Gadgets Terms of Service for Webmasters at
  3. Content License from You

    If you choose to submit your Gadget to Google, you direct and authorize Google and its affiliates to host, link to, and otherwise incorporate your Gadget into the Google Services (including our directory). Google may ask that you include in the file for your Gadget information about you or your Gadget, which will then be publicly available as part of the source code for your Gadget and Google (or others) may contact you regarding the Gadget using that information.

  4. Gadget Removal

    In the event either you or Google chooses to terminate your use of the Services or your use of the Gadgets API, or you cease to maintain your Gadget(s), you will promptly remove the Gadget(s) from our directory and cease use of the Gadgets API.