Gadgets API

API Overview

Gadgets are mini-applications built using HTML, with JavaScript, Flash or Silverlight for dynamic behaviors. Since gadgets can run on multiple sites and platforms, there are special tags and libraries that work in different places. All of these are extensions to the core gadgets API, to provide additional functionality.

Gadgets API extensions


  • Build gadgets than run within a calendar and display time-based information.
  • Available for gadgets on Google Calendar.


  • Build gadgets that trigger based on email context.
  • Available for gadgets on Gmail.


  • Build gadgets that interact with the content of a spreadsheet.
  • Available within a spreadsheet, or on another web page that supports gadgets.

Sites and platforms

The list of places you can run your gadgets is ever growing:

Google products

Third-party products and sites

  • MyAOL
  • IBM websphere portal
  • RedHat JBoss portal
  • SUN portal
  • BEA weblogic portal

Other sites

  • Any webpage
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