The Google Fusion Tables API v1 has been deprecated as of May 3rd, 2016. The API will continue to work until August 1st, 2017, and will shut down on that date. A migration guide is available outlining the steps to take to migrate to v2.

Tools and interfaces

Google Fusion Tables is dedicated to providing code examples that illustrate typical uses, best practices, and really cool tricks. If you do something with the Google Fusion Tables API that you think would be interesting to others, please contact us at about adding your code to our examples page.

Here are some interesting software applications and interfaces that Fusion Tables developers have published. Please check them out and give the developers your feedback.

Tool Description Author
Shape Escape

A tool for uploading shape files to Fusion Tables. has a good article about using Shapescape.

Josh Livni, Google Dev Rel team

OGR Simple Feature Library has incorporated Fusion Tables as a supported format.

GDAL team

Arc2Earth has included support for upload to Fusion Tables via Arc2Cloud

Arc2Earth team
ODK Aggregate

ODK Aggregate is an AppEngine application by the Open Data Kit team, uses Google Fusion Tables to store survey data that is collected through input forms on Android mobile phones. Notable code:

ODK team

A Ruby gem for access to Fusion Tables from Ruby.

Simon Tokumine

A Classic ASP library for access to Fusion Tables from Classic ASP.

Reuben Moore
Searchable Map Template

A map search template that "... includes the basic setup to display a Fusion Table map and do simple address and radius searches."

Derek Eder
Perl Interface

A Perl interface for access to Fusion Tables from perl.

Robin Clarke

Integrates Fusion Tables into iOS apps.

Arseniy Kuznetsov