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Dec 2011 - Data Gathering with Fusion Tables
How to create views and set permissions to allow data providers to maintain their own data
Aug 2011 - Fusion Tables map styling - what are your options?
What are the map feature styling options and when would you use them?
June 2011 - Using OAuth 2.0 for Authorization to Fusion Tables in Web Applications
How to use OAuth for Authorization to Fusion Tables

External resources

Journalist's guide to mapping data by county, district using ShpEscape
Author: John Keefe
Excerpt: If you're mapping data by county, ZIP code, congressional district or any kind of region, points just don't cut it. You need shapes.
How to make a non-Flash intensity map in Fusion Tables
Author: Michelle Minkoff
Excerpt: One of the coolest visualizations Fusion Tables (I'll say FT from this point forward) is capable of would be its Intensity Map option.
Thematic Maps with Google Fusion Tables (pdf)
Author: Peter Aldhous
Excerpt: Thanks to Google Fusion Tables, creating basic thematic maps and embedding them on a web page is now easy.
Making the WNYC Census Map
Author: John Keefe
Excerpt: When the New York census numbers arrived this week, we were ready. WNYC quickly published an interactive, sharable map so New Yorkers -- and our reporters -- could explore the new data and see the stories.