The Google Forms API is currently in Restricted Beta. To use the API, apply for access at the Early Adopter Program page.


Renew an existing watch for seven days. The state of the watch after renewal is ACTIVE, and the expireTime is seven days from the renewal. Renewing a watch in an error state (e.g. SUSPENDED) succeeds if the error is no longer present, but fail otherwise. After a watch has expired, watches.renew returns NOT_FOUND.

HTTP request


The URL uses gRPC Transcoding syntax.

Path parameters



Required. The ID of the Form.



Required. The ID of the Watch to renew.

Request body

The request body must be empty.

Response body

If successful, the response body contains an instance of Watch.

Authorization Scopes

Requires one of the following OAuth scopes:


For more information, see the OAuth 2.0 Overview.