Vivian Gomes

Vivian Gomes

Interaction Design

Bangalore, India


  • Interaction Design


Hands-on strategic design professional with over 2 decades of experience as design led innovator, UX specialist, multi-disciplinary Design teacher/mentor, having a successful track record of profitably innovating, solving problems, creating breakthrough products & solutions, delivering, while collaborating, motivating and working with local and globally disparate/diverse design teams, studios, stake holders and partners. Member of International Design councils, consortium and boards.

• High energy self-motivated design led innovation leader and team player, heading Design Strategy on board leading organizations towards central institutionalization of Design and User Experience (UX), creative design and Service design across platforms, building world class design teams including defining strategy, planning, individual roles & team structure, practical/effective training, setting up operations/processes/standards, establishing strategic partnerships/alliances and monitoring progress towards effective positive outcomes and direct positive impact to business forecast.

• Highly experienced in setting up global product Design & Development Centers, establishing and managing business units, research and teams. Leading all functions of Design, establishing processes and design audit mandates, short & long term ROI goals/results, project budgeting, team retention programs and global liaison with strategic professionals, mentoring with thorough knowledge and practical use of latest and best of breed tools, technologies and techniques.

• Very responsible in risk taking and ownership in volatile ambiguous situations. Effective collaborator with/between technical engineering, marketing, sales, quality engineering, product management teams and design teams. Proactive leadership in design advocacy from vision, planning, project budgeting, crafting and simplifying complex experiences into delightful ones in all geographies.

• Played a crucial role in developing multi-disciplinary design groups with high value direct revenue impact.

• Has extensive hands-on international project execution, research, usability and design validation testing experience in USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Netherlands, Egypt, Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China, Singapore, Canada, India, Oman and other regions.

• Experienced in a variety of industries with demonstrated problem solving capability having an ability to creatively, efficiently and effectively design solutions, from Start-up-eco systems like Google Launchpad to customers addressing industries such as: Ecommerce and retail, Supply chain/logistics, GIS, Oil & Gas, IT Security & Networking, CRM Banking & Financial Services (BFSI), Social Solution Design, Government, Utility, Travel & Hospitality, Wearables, IoT & Industrial IOT products & solutions organizations, Engineering & manufacturing organizations B2B, B2C, Consumer Electronics, Retail & Entertainment, Mobile, Enterprise IT/Mobile solutions, IT Services, Healthcare, Big Data, BI, Cloud, Defence, and Data Science driven products and solutions.