Tim van der Lippe

Tim van der Lippe

Web Technologies

Delft, Netherlands


  • Polymer
  • Open Source
  • HTML5
  • Bug triaging
  • Assisting developers
  • Helping new developers learning technology


Tim is a Masters student at the TU Delft in The Netherlands and active contributor to the growing Polymer ecosystem. As a teaching assistant for several software engineering courses, helping students learn the fundamentals of software development is his core responsibility. In a similar fashion, Tim is active on social media as well as contributing to the repositories on GitHub by answering questions and fixing bugs and issues.

At the TU Delft, Tim contributed to several projects of both the TU Delft and the study association of Computer Science, Christiaan Huygens. He assisted teams in adopting the best practices for web development, primarily built with Polymer.

Alongside his study, Tim actively contributed to the Polymer core library, multiple elements in the PolymerElements catalog and his own developed elements. Performance and usability are his primary focus when developing software.