Rabimba Karanjai

Rabimba Karanjai

Web Technologies

Houston, United States


  • WebXR
  • aframe
  • Machine Learning
  • Public Speaking
  • Security


Rabimba Karanjai is a full time graduate researcher, part time hacker and FOSS enthusiast. He is working with Mozilla Research Mixed Reality team on WebXR. When he is not fiddling over his rift and pixel to get some silly WebXR experience up and running, you will find him in his room at Rice University trying to teach computers to code (search: Pliny project).

He cares deeply for a open web and open ecosystem, and is a volunteer contributor to a few projects in Mozilla apart from WebXR. His interest and hobby projects span from security to machine learning and now deviating towards a mix of all three (WebXR being the third). You will often find him trying to advocate the powers of Open and Immersive web, and usage of opensource tools when he is not out speaking at conferences or facilitating workshops.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested Web Mixed (and Virtual) Reality,Immersive Web, DeepSpeech and also in general Machine Learning. Or if you stumbled into this page from any old talk recording.