Patrick Martinent

Patrick Martinent

G Suite, Google Cloud Platform

Chennai, India


  • G Suite
  • Google Cloud Platform


Patrick is a broad-skilled technical leader and product architect, with experience in retail, enterprise workflows and publishing. He moved to India back in the mid 90s, and built and sold a number of companies around outsourcing, linux, and cloud computing. He recently sold his cloud computing company and has joined the executive team at a leading publishing company to spearhead product innovation and development.

Over the past two decades, Patrick has been on the board of numerous VC-funded technology companies from corporate eLearning and construction (detailing) management, to a 360 degree video where he advised and mentored technical teams. In addition to his speaking engagements providing vision for young technical minds and entrepreneurs, Patrick brings a well-rounded view of the product development and business lifecycle from product market fit and MVP development, to commercial success.

Patrick lives in Chennai, south India, with his wife and two teenage daughters. He is an avid gastronome and golfer. Currently he is exploring machine learning applications in the scholarly publishing domain.