Minko Gechev

Minko Gechev

Web Technologies, Angular

San Francisco, United States


  • Programming
  • Angular
  • PWA
  • object-oriented design
  • algorithms
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • static code analysis
  • functional programming


Minko Gechev is a software engineer who strongly believes in open source software. He has developed numerous such projects, including angular2-seed, a static code analyzer for Angular 2 projects, aspect.js, angular-aop, and many others; he is also co-author of the official Angular 2 Style Guide and author of the book "Switching to Angular 2".

Minko loves to experiment with theoretical concepts from computer science and apply them in practice. He has spoken about Angular and software development at worldwide conferences and meet-ups, including ng-conf, ng-vegas, AngularConnect, ITWeekend Kiev, AngularJS-SF, and etc.