Marcell Almeida

Marcell Almeida

Product Strategy

São Paulo, Brazil


  • Product Strategy


Marcell Almeida holds a Computer Science Degree from one of the best undergraduate schools in the north of Brazil. Since the beginning of his career, he was curious and interested in startups. In college, he was responsible for developing student groups and leading several projects related to games.

Marcell moved to São Paulo to work at Easy Taxi, the fastest growing startup in Latin America during that period. He was one of the first product managers that helped to lead the evolution of several key business metrics.

After that, with a friend, Marcell created his first business, a Fintech startup focused on personal finance. To do that he left his job at Easy Taxi to be, for the first time, a founder working full-time. They were able to reach 100.000 unique users in 3 months with +35% of 90-day retention rate.

Later Marcell joined an even more significant startup, VivaReal. There he was responsible for leading and growing many products that were driving cutting-edge innovation in the Real Estate market. He was able to do many A/B tests at one of the most prominent websites of Latin America.

He got involved in the effervescent São Paulo startup community, Founded Product Camp São Paulo (2000+ attendees from all around Brazil) and created the first Meetup for Product Managers in São Paulo. He has mentored many startups, entrepreneurs and product managers throughout the years, and helped them solidify their techniques.

Marcell is now a Product Manager at Intuit and loves talking about strategy, investments, product market fit and product economics. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and Kitesurfing.