Igor Farafonow

Igor Farafonow

User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design

Warsaw, Poland


  • UX Design
  • Research
  • Visual Design
  • Product Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Product


In his 10year career Igor has been mostly focused on designing great user experience: as UX Designer, UX Team Leader, Product Manager and CEO (the last one requires mostly user centric approach to succeed).

Took part in more than 100 online projects: mostly b2b startups, SaaS services, but also social networks, desktop messengers, news portals and many many more. Earned and lost millions of dollars – getting the greatest practical lesson of how-to's and how-not-to's in product development.

Igor has also runned his own SaaS software – Uxeria – solution for remote user testing. He organised the great team of marketing, sales, researchers and developers who worked together on creating great customer experience. The product was a success – what's more – maybe even you or one of your friends has Uxeria sticket on his laptop.

In his work Igor focuses on real user needs (meaning the needs they won't tell you about) and tries to find most effective, but also most innovatory and outstanding solution for experience.