Helene Desliens

Helene Desliens

Product Strategy, Sprint Master

Bordeaux, France


  • Product Strategy
  • Sprint Master


Helene is a digital strategist and the co-founder of Experteez, a new way for companies to learn and adopt skills and method to innovate and accelerate their projects. She assists companies or Institutions to refocus human-centered projets, using digital concepts and tools, to create real interactions with users. She helps startups to determinate value proposition, brand développement and content strategy. She is a Google certified Sprint Master. She works according to the principles of Agile, Lean Management and Design Thinking. She co-organized the 5th european Launchpad, in Bordeaux, when she was co-CEO of Aquinum.  She also teachs at University and business schools. She often work around the Cybertrust and cybercriminality, and she has created with a team of experts, a non-profit organisation called Pole of excellence 4CN in Aquitaine area. She uses to work and think differently, with digital, and act against precarities and for prospective.