Filipe Araujo

Filipe Araujo

Web Technologies

New York, United States


  • Polymer
  • Javascript
  • NodeJs
  • Build Tooling
  • Testing


Filipe Araujo would call himself a jack of all trades. Friends of his would disagree and probably remark that he is more a jack of some trades, mention Filipe needs to get a grip of reality, stick to the things he’s really good at. And leave all those other trades to the professionals, as he had no business dabbling in those bits anyways.

He’d go on laboriously citing his experiences at Condé Nast, CBS and Barnes & Noble. Where in his words, he’d “develop a modular component architecture” which really meant that he did a great deal of repetitive CSS and Javascript. Followed by recounting at minding-numbing lengths, his knowledge of “build process and tooling in NodeJS”. Which again was still Javascript with a fancier label.

Lately, his stories have included more accomplishments with some new technology called Polymer that he had acquired extensive knowledge during his ventures at Sungard. He was so enthralled by it he had taken to talking to more people about it. Most of which were in fact eager to listen to the Polymer Podcast and did so willingly.

Almost certainly, his friends would conclude with a story about how he fiddled with their computer, flipped a power switch or two. And in the end, coaxed a printer to print or a virus to simply vanish. “Pretty good with computers” they’d say.

That he was.