David Cuartielles

David Cuartielles

Android, IoT

Sweden, Sweden


  • Android open accessory protocol: connecting to Arduino compatible boards
  • wear: patching existing apps to use wear
  • code compilation for alternative IDEs like Processing


David is one of the founders of the Arduino platform, and currently runs the Arduino office in Malmo, Sweden, focus on running EU funded research projects in the fields of IoT and education. Other focuses are the creation of new educational curriculum and tools, as well as products and services in the field.

David is also an Assistant Professor in Interaction Design at the School of Arts and Communication and Malmo University. There he runs the Institute of Interactive Objects (a laboratory dedicated to physical computing, created to help students getting experienced in hacking technologies together) and is a researcher in the Internet of Things and People research center in the fields of Smart Home and Smart Learning.

He has been programming Java and Android since the beginning of time. Together with his co-author Andreas Goransson, he has written the books: Professional Android Open Accessory for Arduino, and Professional Android Wearables, both with Wiley.

Also together with Andreas, he coauthored a series of tools for the Processing IDE to upload code to Android devices and a library to handle bluetooth on phones and tablets as if they were a standard transparent serial port on the Arduino IDE.