Hands-on With App Engine’s New Runtime (PHP)

Dan Holevoet, John Mulhausen

Google App Engine is adding another very popular programming language to the list of supported runtimes! At this codelab, we will cover the basics of setting up and building an application in this new language.

  • Dan Holevoet

    Dan joined the Google Developer Relations team in 2007. When not playing Starcraft, he works on Google App Engine. He's previously worked on iGoogle, OpenSocial, Gmail contextual gadgets, the Google Apps Marketplace, and the Calendar and Contacts APIs.

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  • John Mulhausen

    John is the Lead Technical Writer for Google App Engine, a musician, and huge comedy nerd. Check out John's work at developers.google.com/appengine, and his music by looking for Terrene, Sea Dramas, and Mars Accelerator on YouTube. Before joining Google in April 2012, John was a Senior Programming Writer at Microsoft, where he worked for 8 years on products such as Windows Azure.

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