G+ and Search: How to Enhance Your Brand Queries on Google

Ardan Arac, John Hjelmstad

In this session we'll walk you through a series of techniques you can use to make your app and content shine on Google. Using these techniques you can connect more directly with new and existing users on Google Search.

  • Ardan Arac

    Ardan is a product manager on Google Search team - putting social in search. She joined Google in 2006 as an Associate Product Manager. She started in Search team and launched features such as World Cup Onebox, Video Universal results, Sitelinks and other search enhancements. She then moved to AdWords and worked on optimization and reporting tools for advertisers for 5 years before returning back to the Search team to lead Google's social efforts in the search space.

    Ardan Arac on Google+

  • John Hjelmstad

    John is a software engineer leading the team responsible for delivering Google+ APIs and widgets to the browser. He is passionate about doing more with less.

    John Hjelmstad on Google+