Intense Gaming

Chris Elliott, Alexis Hanicotte, Olivier Michon

From indie to AAA game studios, learn how cutting edge developers are building next generation experiences on the Google Cloud Platform. This session focuses on how developers are combining technologies such as App Engine, Compute Engine, and BigQuery to quickly build and scale their multi-platform releases.

  • Chris Elliott

    Chris Elliott is a Solutions Architect on the Google Cloud Platform. He spends every waking moment building on cloud technologies, developing architectures for gaming partners, and beta testing new games built on the cloud. In a previous life, he worked on the popular Half-Life modifications Sven Co-op and Desert Crisis.

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  • Alexis Hanicotte

    As a lead back-end developer at FreshPlanet I had the amazing opportunity to challenge the Google Cloud Platform scalability with our SongPop game and its 80 million players.

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  • Olivier Michon

    As CTO and VP Products at FreshPlanet, I had the chance to lead the team that made SongPop. It's one of the top 5 mobile game of 2012, made by a small team in New York City and powered by Google Cloud.

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