Fireside Chat with the Glass Team

Steve Lee, Isabelle Olsson, Timothy Jordan, Charles Mendis

Join several key members of the Glass team as they discuss the path that brought them here. We'll discuss why Glass is so important to the evolution of wearable technology and how developers can most effectively engage in the ecosystem.

  • Steve Lee

    Product Director for Google Glass

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  • Isabelle Olsson

    Isabelle Olsson is the lead industrial designer of Glass, one of the products from inside Google[x]. She joined the team in 2011, when the prototype was still a phone attached to a scuba mask, and has since guided the team to iterate towards the current minimalist design of Glass. Prior to joining Google, Isabelle worked at Fuseproject designing a wide variety of products, ranging from the Nook Color to Swarovski exhibitions and eyewear for children in the third world. She has also designed several furniture pieces exhibited at Milan Furniture Fair. Isabelle grew up in Sweden and was influenced early on by Scandinavian minimalist design. She has a Masters degree in Fine Arts and Industrial Design from Lund University and was selected by Wallpaper magazine as one of the world's most promising design graduates. Her ultimate goal as a designer is to make people's lives easier and more beautiful.

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  • Timothy Jordan

    Timothy is a Senior Developer Advocate at Google for Project Glass. He previously held the same role for Google+, helping to launch multiple plugins and APIs including the +1 button and Google+ History. He has taught broadcasting, theater, engineering, and various forms of new media at the University of California at Santa Cruz, the Academy of Art University, and the Digital Media Academy. He has a B.S. in Computer Engineering, a Theater Arts graduate degree, and an M.F.A. in Digital Arts and New Media from U.C. Santa Cruz. He loves solving problems and believes in improving life through science and art.

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  • Charles Mendis

    Engineer on Glass. Previously worked on Android, Maps and other Location based applications.

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