Fireside Chat with the Google+ Platform Team

Seth Sternberg, David Glazer, Sandy Jen, Jennifer Lin, chee chew, Vic Fryzel

Got a burning question about the Google+ platform? Come meet the team and have your questions answered directly from the people behind the Google+ platform. Dig into the technology and have your voice heard.

  • Seth Sternberg

    Seth is the Product Management Director for the Google+ Platform. The Platform team helps users bring their Google experience with them across the internet, and the best of their internet experience back to Google. Seth joined Google through its acquisition of Meebo, where he was Co-Founder and CEO.

    Seth Sternberg on Google+

  • David Glazer

    David Glazer is the Engineering Director for the Google+ Platform. He has been known to wear red plaid shirts to campfires.

    David Glazer on Google+

  • Sandy Jen

    Sandy is an Engineering Manager on the Google+ Platform team. Sandy joined Google through its acquisition of Meebo, where she was Co-Founder and CTO.

    Sandy Jen on Google+

  • Jennifer Lin

    Jennifer is a Tech Lead Manager working on Google+ Platform to provide developers with Android and iOS libraries and REST APIs.

    Jennifer Lin on Google+

  • chee chew

    Chee is the Vice President of Engineering for real time communications in Google+. He's also the site director for the Google Kirkland office in Washington state. chee generally has an allergic reaction to captial letters.

    chee chew on Google+

  • Vic Fryzel

    Vic is the lead of Developer Relations for the Google+ and Google Apps developer platforms. He drives a big, orange Jeep.

    Vic Fryzel on Google+