The Other Mobile Mapping Platform: Getting Your Maps into iOS

Mano Marks, Luke Mahe

In December, Google launched the Google Maps SDK for iOS. With vector maps that allow a much wider range of motion and access to Google Map data and imagery, the SDK provides a powerful way for you to build iOS apps on your platform. This session will explore different ways for you to integrate your data with a Google Maps experience.

  • Mano Marks

    Mano founded the Maps Developer Relations Team in 2006. He has traveled the world helping individuals, businesses and NGOs use Google’s mapping technology to share their data with the world. Currently, he is focused on work with Google's Mobile Mapping SDKs.

    Mano Marks on Google+

  • Luke Mahe

    Luke is the tech lead on the Maps Developer Relations team. He is currently focused on helping developers build compelling apps with the Mobile APIs.

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