Google Maps: Into the Future

Ken Hoetmer, Mano Marks

Google Maps and the Maps API enjoy huge popularity around the world. The Google Maps API is the most used API on the web. is the most used mapping site. Android and iOS SDKs are branching Maps out into new platforms. In this session, the Product Management Director of Google Maps teams with the Product Manager for the Google Maps API and the lead Developer Advocate to walk you into the future of Google Maps.

  • Ken Hoetmer

    Ken Hoetmer is Product Manager for the Google Maps API, based in Sydney. Prior to Google, Ken was an active Maps API developer, and can recall when Google Maps Mania was new, "mashup" was a buzzword, and a LatLng was a GPoint.

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  • Mano Marks

    Mano founded the Maps Developer Relations Team in 2006. He has traveled the world helping individuals, businesses and NGOs use Google’s mapping technology to share their data with the world. Currently, he is focused on work with Google's Mobile Mapping SDKs.

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