Standardizing Payments on the Web: Introducing requestAutocomplete()

Dan Beam, Evan Stade

Ever try buying something on the mobile web? Combine a mess of form fields and a soft keyboard and it's more frustrating than it needs to be. How many customers don’t buy things from you because doing so is just too much work? requestAutocomplete() is an aspiring web standard that will allow users to bypass pages of form fields with an imperative API for requesting details the browser knows. In this session we'll highlight how to enhance your site with requestAutocomplete(), how to quickly implement the feature, and what to consider when optimizing the UX of your ecommerce experience.

  • Dan Beam

    Dan Beam hacks on Chrome's UI. He helped make the New Tab page, the über cool settings page, and the little zoom bubble in your address bar (and other things that would likely bore you to tears). He currently works on making payments on the web awesome. His natural habitat is Southern California and he's most comfortable at electronica concerts, sampling craft beers, eating leafy things, or rolling downhill on a bicycle.

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  • Evan Stade

    Have been working on Chrome UI since just after its public launch in September, 2008. Greatest hits include the GTK port, tabbed settings, and New Tab Page.

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