Secrets of Video Stabilization on YouTube

Matthias Grundmann, John Gregg, Vivek Kwatra

Video stabilization is a key component of YouTube's video enhancement tools and All YouTube uploads are automatically detected for shakiness and suggested stabilization if needed. This talk will describe the technical details behind our fully automatic one-click stabilization technology, including aspects such as camera path optimization, rolling shutter detection and removal, distributed computing for real-time previews, and camera shake detection. More info:

  • Matthias Grundmann

    Matthias Grundmann is a Research Scientist at Google working on Computational Video. His current research on video stabilization and rolling shutter removal has been integrated with YouTube’s video editor and enhancement tools and won the best paper award at IEEE ICCP 2012.

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  • John Gregg

    John Gregg is a Software Engineer on the YouTube Video Editing team, developing tools for creators to produce new videos and enhance their uploads entirely within YouTube.

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  • Vivek Kwatra

    Vivek Kwatra is a Research Scientist at Google. He works on technology for computational photography and video processing applications. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech and IIT Delhi.

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