Web Page Design with the GPU in Mind

Grace Kloba, Colt McAnlis

Chrome implements fast, powerful webpage rendering by using the graphics hardware (GPU). But powerful GPU rendering introduces a new suite of issues that web developers need to understand. For example, how often is the texture cache invalidated? How can using translate-z cause GPU performance issues? How do hidden divs affect the GPU compositing process? Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of the GPU compositor in Chrome and knowledge of how their design choices will impact a page's performance on devices with GPU compositing.

  • Grace Kloba

    Grace Kloba is the Tech Lead for Chrome for Android. She is responsible for the technical decisions and initiatives for the product. Prior to that she was the Tech Lead for the Android browser and worked with the team since 2006. Prior to Google, she worked on various products at Adobe.

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  • Colt McAnlis

    Colt McAnlis is a Developer Advocate at Google focusing on Chrome Games and Performance, and professor of a recent UDACITY course on HTML5 game development.

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