What's New in Android Developer Tools

Xavier Ducrohet, Tor Norbye

An in depth tour of the Android development tools, with a closer look at everything new - along with tips and tricks for getting the most out of them. For a more detailed look at one of the demos presented in this session, check out Brad Abram's overview "Google I/O 2013 Demo: Android Studio + Cloud Endpoints – Synchronized StopWatch Demo" (http://bradabrams.com/2013/06/google-io-2013-demo-android-studio-cloud-endpoints-synchronized-stopwatch-demo/).

  • Xavier Ducrohet

    Xavier joined Google in 2007 to work on Developer Tools for Android. He’s now the Tech Lead for the Android SDK and Tools team. His current focus is developing a brand new build system based on Gradle for Android app developers.

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  • Tor Norbye

    Tor Norbye is an engineer on the Android SDK team working on visual tools for Android development.

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