Live Blogging Gadget FAQ

How do I start using this gadget?
Go to the configurator tool. Customize the gadget's video size, live blogging feature*, announcement feed, and even add in your site URL. Copy the embed code and paste it onto your site. You are now ready to live stream and blog to the Google I/O keynote on May 15th, 9 AM PDT | 16:00 UTC.
*If you chose to include the live blog, then whenever you make public posts onto the Google+ page you specified, they will show up in the live blog feed directly below the video. The live blog can pull from a new or existing Google+ page.
Can I just embed your video live stream (or do I have to incorporate my live blog)?
In the configurator tool, you can choose to embed the video live stream only by unchecking the "Include my live blog" and "Google Announcements" boxes. Follow the official Google Announcements in real time with the keynote by keeping the "Google Announcements" box checked.
How does the live blogging feature work?
If you choose to include a live blog feed, it will pull the public posts from the Google+ Page specified. Please note that this must be your own Google+ page and not a third party's.
Can I edit and/or delete posts on my live blog?
Yes. Keep in mind that you must edit and/or delete posts on your G+ page. If you edit a post on your G+ page stream, the edit will appear on your live blog at the time of the original post. If you delete a post on your G+ page stream, the post will be removed from your live blog in the gadget feed.
Is there any way to remove the Google Announcements tab?
You can remove the "Google Announcements" tab in the configurator tool by leaving the box for Google Announcements unchecked.
What happens to the gadget video after Google I/O?
On the 17th of May, the live stream video will be replaced with a recording of the keynote, and the live blog will stop auto-updating. Additionally, the keynote live stream is recorded and posted to Google Developers Live, as well as the Google Developers YouTube channel.
Can more than one user post to my live blog?
Yes, more than one user can post to your live blog from your Google+ page. Please see here for instructions on granting multiple users access to post to a Google+ page.
Can readers comment on my live blog through the gadget?
Not directly in the gadget, but they can comment on posts over at your Google+ page. The live blog will only pulls posts from your specified Google+ page, not public comments.
Is there a way I can track the number of people viewing the gadget at any time?
The live blog does not have built-in analytics, but Google Analytics does provide real-time reports so you can get an idea of how many active users are on the page where the gadget is hosted.