Agile UX Research Practice in Android

Miki Konno, Bethany Fong

In the Android UX team, it is critical to get user feedback frequently and consistently so that we are able to iterate and develop the best-in-class designs for our users. We will discuss how the team applied "Pulse Studies" (iterative research sessions) in order to put new ideas, designs, and concepts in front of users on a regular basis; it requires minimal advance planning, it can have an immediate product impact, and it can meet urgent needs. We will illustrate how we accomplished this collaborative process by presenting rich examples and case studies. We will also demonstrate usability study role playing in order to give you tips and tricks on how to adopt this process for anyone who is interested in getting user feedback in a quick and impactful way.

  • Miki Konno

    Miki is a user experience researcher on the Android team, focused on Android@Home. Prior ro Google, she worked at Sony, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft, and studied Human Factors Psychology and Organizational Psychology. Although the majority of her effort is currently placed on a variety of end-user-focused research in the Android team, she has been proactively involved in the agile developer community and is a certified agile product owner. She is a frequent speaker on topics which include: the agile UX research process, international UX research, and multi-media (TV & Video) UX research

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  • Bethany Fong

    Bethany is a user experience designer on the Android team, focused on Android@Home. Prior to Google, she worked at several Bay Area startups and studied Product Design and Engineering at Stanford University.

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