Fireside Chat with the Android Team

Reto Meier, Rachel Garb, Dave Burke, Xavier Ducrohet, Dan Morrill, Dianne Hackborn, Ficus Kirkpatrick, Romain Guy, Adam Powell, Jeff Hamilton, Rebecca Zavin

Pull up a chair and join the Android platform team for a fireside chat. It's your opportunity to ask us about the platform and learn a little bit more about why things work the way they do, from the people who built it. Moderated by Android Developer Advocate Reto Meier.

  • Reto Meier

    Tech lead for the Android Developer Relations team at Google and author of the Professional Android Application Development series of Android books from Wrox.

    Reto Meier on Google+

  • Rachel Garb

    Rachel leads interaction design for Android apps at Google. She co-authored Android's design principles and is a frequent contributor to the Android Design Guide. Before joining Google, she worked at TiVo, AOL, IBM, and several startups.

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  • Dave Burke

    Engineering director, Android platform.

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  • Xavier Ducrohet

    Xavier joined Google in 2007 to work on Developer Tools for Android. He’s now the Tech Lead for the Android SDK and Tools team. His current focus is developing a brand new build system based on Gradle for Android app developers.

    Xavier Ducrohet on Google+

  • Dan Morrill

    I am a Googler. Things are Googled by me. I Goog, as it were. Similarly, things are Androided by me.

    Dan Morrill on Google+

  • Dianne Hackborn

    Dianne Hackborn on Google+

  • Ficus Kirkpatrick

    Ficus was a founding member of the Android team, and currently leads the Google Play Store team.

    Ficus Kirkpatrick on Google+

  • Romain Guy

    Tech lead on the Android 2D rendering pipeline and UI toolkit. I am a graphics geek and I enjoy helping developers improve their applications.

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  • Adam Powell

    Android framework engineer at Google. I help make the little green robots.

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  • Jeff Hamilton

    Jeff Hamilton joined the Android team in early 2006. He has contributed to many different areas of Android, and is currently leading the Google Play services team.

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  • Rebecca Zavin

    Rebecca is the tech lead of the android systems team, responsible for the linux kernel and related low level userspace.

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