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HTML5 and App Engine: The Epic Tag Team Take on Modern Web Apps at Scale

Brad Abrams , Ido Green

This talk discusses the latest and greatest application patterns and toolset for building cutting edge HTML5 applications that are backed by App Engine. This makes it incredibly easy to write an app that spans client and server; in particular, authentication just works out of the box. This talk walks through building a fantastic cloud-based HTML5 application

  • About Brad Abrams

    Brad Abrams is a Product Manager for the Cloud Platform team at Google. Before joining Google, Brad helped create the Common Language Runtime and the .NET Framework. He is author of several books from Addison Wesley including Framework Design Guidelines.

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  • About Ido Green

    Ido is a Developer Advocate for Google Chrome OS. He has been a developer and building companies for more then 15 years. He still likes to develop web applications, but only ones with amazing UX. He has a wide array of skills and experience, including Java, php, perl, JavaScript--and all aspects of agile development and scaling systems.

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