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Bring Your App to the Big Screen

Michael Sundermeyer , Ossama Alami

Google TV expands the reach of the Android and the web to television, but designing applications for the TV is fundamentally different than building apps for mobile, tablet or PCs. In this session we'll we share the core points of our user research and give you tips on how to connect with your users by designing beautiful and functional Android and web applications for the biggest screen in the house.

  • About Michael Sundermeyer

    Michael is the Director of UX Design for Google TV. Committed to dragging TV into the 21st century: find something great to watch, connect to the devices in our lives, and give us more choices.

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  • About Ossama Alami

    Ossama manages the Google TV Developer Relations team, helping developers build apps for the best screen in the house. Previously he's worked on Google's Geospatial APIs, the AdWords API and Android.

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