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Get your Content on Google TV

Christian Kurzke , Andrew Jeon , Mark Lindner

Google TV devices are typically the largest screen in the house, which makes them a prime platform for developers who want to distribute high quality, long form content right to the living room. We will talk about different options for hosting, streaming and securing your content on Google TV, and how to ensure your audience has a great experience viewing your content.

  • About Christian Kurzke

    Christian has worked with Java and Linux his entire career. He joined Google in 2010 as Developer Advocate for Android and is now representing the Google TV product.

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  • About Andrew Jeon

    Andrew is a Techlead/Manager for Google TV engineering team, responsible for GTV platform, AV, APAC deployment. Prior to Google, he was a S/W architect at Digeo and IBeam, and founded a few startups.

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  • About Mark Lindner

    Mark joined Google in 2006 and has worked on AdSense for Audio, Piper, and currently works on GoogleTV.

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