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Maps for Good

Rebecca Moore , Dave Thau

Developers are behind many cutting-edge map applications that make the world a better place. In this session we'll show you how developers are using Google Earth Builder, Google Earth Engine, Google Maps API and Android apps for applications as diverse as ethno-mapping of indigenous cultural sites, monitoring deforestation of the Amazon and tracking endangered species migrations around the globe. Come learn about how you can partner with a non-profit to apply for a 2012 Developer Grant and make a positive impact with your maps.

  • About Rebecca Moore

    Rebecca Moore is the engineering manager for Google Earth Engine. She also founded and manages the Google Earth Outreach program. Rebecca personally used Google Earth to stop the logging of 1,000 acres of redwoods in her community.

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  • About Dave Thau

    Dave Thau is Senior Developer Advocate for Google Earth Engine, Google's geo analysis platform. He's spent the last decade helping scientists and non-profit organizations integrate their methodologies into collaborative, distributed systems.

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