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YouTube API + Cloud Rendering = Happy Mobile Gamers

Jarek Wilkiewicz , Danny Hermes , Coby Cotton , Jens Owen , Amir Ebrahimi

YouTube is one of the top destinations for gamers. Many console developers already incorporate video recording and uploading directly into their titles, but uploading to YouTube from a mobile game presents a unique set of challenges. Come and learn how the YouTube API combined with cloud computing can help enable video uploads in your mobile game.

  • About Jarek Wilkiewicz

    Jarek is a YouTube Developer Advocate and his focus is helping partners implement amazing applications using YouTube APIs. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and The University of Memphis.

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  • About Danny Hermes

    Danny is a Developer Programs Engineer at Google working on the Commerce team, particularly with the Shopping APIs. He regularly contributes to the GData client libraries.

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  • About Coby Cotton

    Coby is a proud member of the renowned YouTube basketball trick shot crew "Dude Perfect." Though their recently released mobile game has reached #1 in Sports on both Android & iPhone and their videos have been seen over 80 Million times, Coby is most pleased to be a Texas A&M Dodgeball champion.

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  • About Jens Owen

    Jens Owen is the Exec. Director of LunarG Inc. A Graphics Technologist and Business Development Manager, Jens has focused his entire career on developing and delivering interesting graphics technologies. A successful entrepreneur, Jens has founded three graphics technology companies over the last 14 years.

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  • About Amir Ebrahimi

    Amir Ebrahimi is CTO and founder of Luminary Productions Inc., a development studio focused on delivering the highest-quality Unity-based content and development services

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