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Mobile YouTube API Apps for Content Creators, Curators and Consumers

Jarek Wilkiewicz , Shannon -jj Behrens , Andrey Doronichev , Arthur van Hoff , Kiran Bellubbi , Krishna Menon

A fast growing portion of YouTube uploads and consumption takes place on mobile devices. This presents new opportunities for mobile application developers. Come and learn about how the YouTube API is used to build engaging mobile apps for content creators, curators and consumers. See innovative mobile application examples and learn from the experience of: Flipboard, 955 Dreams and WeVideo.

  • About Jarek Wilkiewicz

    Jarek is a YouTube Developer Advocate and his focus is helping partners implement amazing applications using YouTube APIs. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and The University of Memphis.

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  • About Shannon -jj Behrens

    JJ is a developer advocate for YouTube APIs. He blogs at on topics such as Python, Ruby, Linux, open source software, the Web, and lesser-known programming languages.

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  • About Andrey Doronichev

    Andrey Doronichev leads mobile product efforts for YouTube. His responsibilities include global oversight of YouTube's mobile website, client implementations on Android and other key mobile and tablet platforms.

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  • About Arthur van Hoff

    Arthur van Hoff is serial entrepreneur and he is currently the CTO at Flipboard. He started his career in Silicon Valley at Sun Microsystems where he was an early developer of the Java programming language. Since then he has started several successful companies including Marimba (IPO 1999), Strangeberry (sold to TiVo), ZING (sold to Dell), and Ellerdale (sold to Flipboard). Arthur is originally from the Netherlands and has a masters degree in Computer Science from Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

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  • About Kiran Bellubbi

    Kiran Bellubbi is Founder and CEO of 955 Dreams. He has been building mobile apps since the Palm IIIc was released. He was on the team that shipped India’s first handheld computer - the Simputer. As a product person Kiran has shipped 6 consecutive app-of-the-weeks into the iOS appStore and one major Android app. He believes that mobile software products can transform peoples lives in positive ways when executed right.

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  • About Krishna Menon

    Krishna Menon is the CTO at WeVideo and has 20+ years of experience in the development of video related technologies. His experience spans companies like Avid Technology, Pinnacle Systems, and Microsoft.

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