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Event Schedule

December 11, 2019
*Schedule is subject to change.

9:00 AM - EST

Registration Open & Pre-Show

10:00 AM - EST


11:30 AM - EST

#AskFlutter - Live Q&A

11:50 AM - EST

Welcome to the Sparkle Party

Grant Skinner and Yoon Lee

There’s the work you do to make an app function. And then, there’s the work you do to make that app beautiful; The added 'sparkle' that delights a user and deepens their connection to the experience. In this talk, Yoon (the designer) and Grant (the developer) will discuss their journey into the sparkly side of Flutter. We will explore the processes, tools, and attitudes that can help make every app a little bit more wonderful.

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12:20 PM - EST

Material Theming with Flutter

Yasmine Evjen

Discover how Google made Material Design more expressive and how teams can customize Material’s style to better reflect their product’s brand. In this session, learn how you can create your own Material Theme using Flutter.

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12:50 PM - EST

Lunch and #AskFlutter - Live Q&A

1:50 PM - EST

Use Rive and Flutter for dynamic, interactive, & animated experiences

Luigi Rosso and Guido Rosso

Learn how design and engineering work together to bring something as basic as a login form to life. We’ll walk you through how to build an interactive character in Rive, hook it up in Flutter, and easily iterate on the design in both Rive and Flutter.

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2:20 PM - EST

Designing for the Web with Flutter

Ferhat Buyukkokten and Liam Spradlin

The web is the largest application-delivery platform in existence. How does Flutter work on the web? Are Flutter web apps accessible and performant? What does using Flutter on the web mean for the designer? In this talk, a duo of a software engineer and a designer share the stage to address these questions while live-coding a web app.

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2:50 PM - EST

#AskFlutter - Live Q&A

3:35 PM - EST

Building in Accessibility with Flutter

Dan Field and Victor Tsaran

Ensuring your app can be used by everyone means building accessibility into it from the start. For some apps, that's easier said than done. Come see two of our engineers take a mobile app from a dire accessibility state to one that uses Flutter's built-in widgets to create a delightful experience.

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4:05 PM - EST

Design and Build Clock Displays with Flutter

Jackson Jessup and Kim Tran

Flutter’s not only great for building apps, it’s perfect for creating UIs for any kind of form factor or surface. Kim and Jack show us how it is done by combining design and engineering forces to take a barebones clock face built in Flutter, and morph it into a beautifully animated timepiece.

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4:35 PM - EST

Reception and Social Hour