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Confirmed Attendees

Oct. 6, 2012 — Oct. 6, 2012
9:30 a.m. (NPT)
GDG DevFest Kathmandu is inspired by and uniquely tailored to the needs of our developer community. We are planning to cover Android, Google App Engine, Google Drive, Google Maps, GWT during devfest. Also, we are beginning "GDG Kathmandu - Barcamp" from this devfest which will continue as separate event afterwards. GDG DevFest at its core are powered by a shared belief that when developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen. Many GDGs across the globe have been organizing DevFests. Our effort is to participate in global devfest celebration and acknowledge the theme behind DevFests - i.e - "Engage, Learn & Share with the Google Developers Community".
GDG Kathmandu

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