Oct. 6, 2012 — Oct. 6, 2012
8 a.m. (EAT)
Our goal is to create an environment where passionate developers and IT professionals can come together to get things done; to learn, network, bridge the gap between trades, expose potential and see actual results. We are proud to be a part of this type of innovative collaboration and we hope you will join us in this global movement on a local level. There are a number of Google Developer Groups (GDGs) around the world that have organised GDG DevFest, and we are looking forward to really putting Mbale (Eastern Uganda) on the map in 2012. With support, we are planning one mega event in 2012 and the addition of pre/post events where continous learning and sharing will take place. We hope to have a number of Sessions with technical content and cool demos of latest Google developer technologies and some open source technologies in partnership with Java User Group Mbale (JUG Mbale).
GDG Mbale