Oct. 28, 2016
For the second time, GDG October is holding an official DevFest after the successful DevFest’15 which possessed a great feedback by the 500+ attendees. So YES!! the big event #DevFest16 is coming soon with a superb schedule prepared to make you leave with a satisfying added value. Let’s see, what are you interested in? Maybe Web, Android, Big Data, Data Science, IT, Cloud, or Games? Either you’re interested in one or more of the above; we have a surprise for you. Guess what? There’s a place for each in our event! Between both sessions & workshops, our day will flow; for you to end up with the essentials in each. Sessions’ topics: Build a Progressive Web App Big data Vs. Data Science IT and Entrepreneurship Accessibility on Android Cloud Essentials MAL Program How to Build Your Startup Firebase Games ( Introduction for beginners ) Workshops’ topics: Build a Progressive Web App with Firebase and Polymer Hands-on with UI testing for Android developers. So chill, say Woohoo, & wait for the details :D:D
GDG 6th October