This data element is used to represent contest-wide or geopolitical unit-wide summary counts. Includes Counts as an extension base and therefore inherits the elements from Counts but it is included directly from Contest and GpUnit (i.e., not as an type of Counts).

SummaryCounts can be used to provide a geographical scope-wide summary of miscellaneous counts associated with a Contest, including total number of ballots cast, total number of overvotes, undervotes, and write-ins. SummaryCounts can optionally reference GpUnit elements defined for lower level reporting units, so as to associate summary counts with other lower-level reporting units within the scope of the contest.

SummaryCounts can also be used to provide summary counts specific to a GpUnit, e.g., a GpUnit defined for a country can include SummaryCounts for this purpose. SummaryCounts, in this case, would not include the GpUnitId element in Counts.

In Counts, if the type of count item is not listed in enumeration CountItemType, use 'other' and include the type in OtherType.

The table below describes the elements for SummaryCounts:

Element Multiplicity Type Element Description
BallotsCast 0 or 1 integer Number of ballots cast.
BallotsOutstanding 0 or 1 integer Number of ballots not yet counted.
BallotsRejected 0 or 1 integer Number of ballots rejected.
Overvotes 0 or 1 integer Number of overvotes.
Undervotes 0 or 1 integer Number of undervotes.
WriteIns 0 or 1 integer Number of write-ins.





    "SummaryCounts": [
        "BallotsCast": "2089540",
        "WriteIns": "2087"