Use the Person element to define information about a person. The person may be a candidate, election official, or authority for a reporting unit. The ElectionReport element which includes PersonCollection, which contains the full set of Person objects in this feed. These Person objects are referenced in Candidate, ElectionAuthority, and GpUnit. A PersonCollection optionally includes ContactInformation for associating contact information.

The table below describes the attributes for the Person element:

Attribute Required? Type Description
objectId required ID Unique internal identifier used by other elements to reference this element.

The table below describes nested elements for the Person element:

Element Multiplicity Type Description
ContactInformation 0 or more ContactInformation For associating contact information with the person.
DateOfBirth 0 or 1 date Person's date of birth.
FirstName 0 or 1 string Person's first (given) name.
FullName 0 or 1 InternationalizedText Person's full name.
Gender 0 or 1 string Person's gender.
LastName 0 or 1 string Person's last (family) name.
MiddleName 0 or more string Person's middle name.
Nickname 0 or 1 string Nickname associated with the person.
PartyId 0 or 1 IDREF Unique identifier for a Party element. For associating a political party with the person.
Prefix 0 or 1 string A prefix associated with the person such as Mr. or Dr.
Profession 0 or 1 InternationalizedText Person's profession.
Suffix 0 or 1 string A suffix associated with the person such as Jr.
Title 0 or 1 InternationalizedText A title associated with the person.



    <Person objectId="P12321">
        <Text language="pt">Ayrton Silva</Text>
        <Text language="en">Ayrton Silva</Text>
        <Text language="hi">एर्टन सेना</Text>
        <Text language="ja">アイルトン・シルバ</Text>


    "Person": [
        "objectId": "P12321",
        "FullName": {
          "Text": [
              "value": "Ayrton Silva",
              "language": "pt"
              "value": "Ayrton Silva",
              "language": "en"
              "value": "एर्टन सेना",
              "language": "hi"
              "value": "アイルトン・シルバ",
              "language": "ja"
        "DateOfBirth": "1960-01-01",
        "Gender": "M",
        "LastName": "Silva"