A jurisdiction's code in an external system, used to associate a jurisdiciton with objects such as candidates, offices, or geopolitical units. Multiple occurrences of the ExternalIdentifier sub-entity can be used to associate a jurisdiction with multiple codes.

For elements that include ExternalIdentifiers, if the type is not listed in enumeration IdentifierType, use 'other' and include the type in OtherType.

The table below describes the attributes for ExternalIdentifier:

Attribute Required? Type Attribute Description
label optional string For use as needed.

The table below shows the elements for ExternalIdentifier:

Element Multiplicity Type Element Description
Type 1 IdentifierType An identifier type.
OtherType 0 or 1 string Used when IdentifierType value is 'other'.
Value 1 string The identifier used by the jurisdiction.





    "ExternalIdentifiers": {
      "ExternalIdentifier" : [
          "Type": "ocd-id",
          "Value": "ocd-division/country:ke/county:narok"
          "Type": "national-level",
          "Value": "33"