Use this entity as the root entity. It defines items pertaining to the status and format of the report and when it was generated.

ElectionReport includes the major elements that are not necessarily specific to an election and that therefore can exist in a pre-election report: GpUnit, Office, Party, Person, and Election. As with Election, ElectionReport "wraps" occurrences of the elements (except for Election) in container elements for the purpose of making the instance files easier to manipulate in XML viewers and editors.

When a particular ordering of items such as offices or political parties are important to preserve, it is expected that the generating application will define those elements according to any ordering scheme in place.

The table below lists elements for ElectionReport:

Element Multiplicity Type Description
Election 0 or more Election For associating elections with the report.
ExternalIdentifiers 0 or 1 ExternalIdentifiers For associating an ID with the report.
Format 1 ReportDetailLevel Detail level of the report, for example, contest summary, district level results, etc.
GeneratedDate 1 dateTime Identifies the date and time that the election report was generated.
GpUnitCollection 0 or 1 Wrapper element for GpUnit definitions.
Issuer 1 string Identification of the report issuer.
IssuerAbbreviation 1 string An abbreviation of the report issuer such as abbreviation of the state/constituency for which results are being reported.
IsTest 0 or 1 boolean Used to indicate whether the report is a test report. Assumed to be "no" if not present.
Notes 0 or 1 string For including an arbitrary message with the report.
OfficeCollection 0 or 1 Wrapper element for Office definitions.
PartyCollection 0 or 1 Wrapper element for Party definitions.
PersonCollection 0 or 1 Wrapper element for Person definitions.
SequenceStart 1 integer The report's number as part of a sequence of reports, used with SequenceEnd so as to be read as, for example, 1 of 1, 1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc. Starts with "1".
SequenceEnd 1 integer The upper bound of the sequence; for example, "1" if there is only 1 report, "2" if there are two reports in the sequence, etc.
Status 1 ResultsStatus Status of the election report, for example, test mode, unofficial, etc.
TestType 0 or 1 string A description of the type of test, for example, pre-election, logic and accuracy, etc.
VendorApplicationID 1 string An identifier of the vendor application generating the election report, for example, X-EMS version 3.1.a.



    <ElectionReport xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
        <Office objectId="off0001a">…</Office>
        <Party objectId="par001">…</Party>
        <Party objectId="par002">…</Party>
        <Person objectId="per001">…</Person>
        <Person objectId="per002">…</Person>
      <Issuer>Example Data Provider</Issuer>
      <VendorApplicationId>Hand-Generated v0.1</VendorApplicationId>


      "@type": "ElectionReport",
      "Election": [
      "GpUnitCollection": {
        "GpUnit": [
      "OfficeCollection": {
        "Office": [
            "objectId": "off0001a",
      "PartyCollection": {
        "Party": [
            "objectId": "par001",
            "objectId": "par002",
      "PersonCollection": {
        "Person": [
            "objectId": "per001",
            "objectId": "per002",
      "Issuer": "Example Data Provider",
      "IssuerAbbreviation": "EDP",
      "Format": "summary-contest",
      'GeneratedDate": "2013-11-05T14:25:28",
      "Status": "unofficial-partial",
      "VendorApplicationId": "Hand-Generated v0.1",
      "SequenceStart": 1,
      "SequenceEnd": 1