This entity is used to provide various information about an election authority.

The Election entity references a GpUnit defined as the scope of the election. For example, if the scope of the election is a district, then Election references the GpUnit entity defined for that district. ElectionAdministration would presumably be included in that country-level GpUnit, specifically for GpUnit type="ReportingUnit", it includes ElectionAdministration.

ElectionAdministration includes ContactInformation for the election authority and, using ElectionOfficialPersonIds, references one or more Person elements defined for individuals associated with the election authority.

The table below shows the elements for for ElectionAdministration:

Element Multiplicity Type Element Description
ContactInformation 0 or 1 ContactInformation For including various contact information.
ElectionOfficialPersonIds 0 or 1 IDREFS Unique identifier for one or more Person elements defined for the election authority.
Name 0 or 1 string Name of the election authority.



      <ContactInformation label="ci60001">
        <AddressLine>Viad. Tlalpan 100</AddressLine>
        <AddressLine>Arenal Tepepan</AddressLine>
        <AddressLine>14610 Ciudad de México, CDMX</AddressLine>
        <Name>Instituto Nacional Electoral</Name>
        <Phone annotation="domestic">01 800 433 2000</Phone>
        <Phone annotation="usa">1 (866) 986 8306</Phone>
        <Phone annotation="collect">+52 (55) 5481 9897</Phone>


    "ElectionAdministration": {
      "ContactInformation": {
        "label": "ci60001",
        "AddressLine": [
          "Viad. Tlalpan 100",
          "Arenal Tepepan",
          "14610 Ciudad de México, CDMX",
        "Name": "Instituto Nacional Electoral",
        "Phone": [
            "annotation": "domestic",
            "value": "01 800 433 2000"
            "annotation": "usa",
            "value": "1 (866) 986 8306"
            "annotation": "collect",
            "value": "+52 (55) 5481 9897"
      "ElectionOfficialPersonIds": ["per00521"]