Counts is not used or referenced directly. Instead it is only used as an extension base for the following entities:

  • SummaryCounts: for reporting on contest and geopolitical unit summary vote counts.
  • VoteCounts: for reporting on contest vote counts.

These entities inherit the attributes and elements of Counts.

Counts provides the capability to filter vote counts by device characteristics or by various types of ballots or write-ins, or to link the counts to a GpUnit entity defined, such as for a country.

If the type of count item is not listed in enumeration CountItemType, use other and include the type in OtherType.

The table below describes the elements for Counts:

Element Multiplicity Type Element Description
GpUnitId 0 or 1 IDREF Unique identifier for a `GpUnit` element. For associating counts with a geopolitical unit, e.g., a precinct, a county, a township, etc.
IsSuppressedForPrivacy 0 or 1 boolean Boolean to indicate if votes are suppressed for voter privacy, e.g., true or false. Assumed to be false if not present.
Type 0 or 1 CountItemType The type of count being used as a filter on the vote counts, e.g., election day, early voting, etc.
OtherType 0 or 1 string Used when Type is other.