For defining contact information about objects such as persons, boards of authorities, and organizations. ContactInformation is included in these elements: Election, ElectionAdministration, Person, GpUnit, and Office.

To include an address for the contact, use multiple occurrences of AddressLine.

It is expected that the first occurrence of AddressLine will be the name or organization, with subsequent occurrences of street address, city, postal code, city, state (or state equivalent, optional) in the specific order/format for a country. Directions can be used to supply any additional address-related information that may appear in multiple languages.

ContactInformation includes LatLng to allow you to associate optional latitude and longitude with a contact address.

Email, Fax, and Phone are of type AnnotatedString, which permits up to a 16-character annotation to be associated with the data.

The table below shows the attributes for the ContactInformation entity:

Attribute Required? Type Description
label optional string An optional attribute for contact information to refer back to the original label for the information. For example, if the contact information came from a CSV, label may refer to a row ID.

The table below shows the elements for the ContactInformation element:

Element Multiplicity Type Description
AddressLine 0 or more string For associating an address with the contact.
Directions 0 or 1 InternationalizedText Directional information in addition to address information.
Email 0 or more AnnotatedString Email address associated with the contact.
Fax 0 or more AnnotatedString Fax number associated with the contact.
LatLng 0 or 1 LatLng For latitude and longitude information associated with the contact.
Name 0 or 1 string Name associated with the contact.
Phone 0 or more AnnotatedString Phone number associated with the contact.
Uri 0 or more anyURI URI associated with the contact.



    <ContactInformation label="ci60000">
      <AddressLine>1100 Bank Street</AddressLine>
      <AddressLine>Richmond, VA 23219</AddressLine>
      <Name>State Board of Elections</Name>
      <Email annotation="press"></Email>
    <ContactInformation label="ci60001">
      <AddressLine>Viad. Tlalpan 100</AddressLine>
      <AddressLine>Arenal Tepepan</AddressLine>
      <AddressLine>14610 Ciudad de México, CDMX</AddressLine>
      <Name>Instituto Nacional Electoral</Name>
      <Phone annotation="domestic">01 800 433 2000</Phone>
      <Phone annotation="usa">1 (866) 986 8306</Phone>
      <Phone annotation="collect">+52 (55) 5481 9897</Phone>


    "ContactInformation": {
      "label": "ci60000",
      "AddressLine": [
        "1100 Bank Street",
        "Richmond, VA 23219"
      "Name": "State Board of Elections",
      "Email": [
          "annotation": "press",
          "value": ""
    "ContactInformation": {
      "label": "ci60001",
      "AddressLine": [
        "Viad. Tlalpan 100",
        "Arenal Tepepan",
        "14610 Ciudad de México, CDMX",
      "Name": "Instituto Nacional Electoral",
      "Phone": [
          "annotation": "domestic",
          "value": "01 800 433 2000"
          "annotation": "usa",
          "value": "1 (866) 986 8306"
          "annotation": "collect",
          "value": "+52 (55) 5481 9897"